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i_think's Journal

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This is a community for the artists that are tired of cheap, imitations getting more credit or recognition. This is for the artists that will not warp their art around what the public wants. These artists stand true to their beliefs and desires even if it means sacrificing money and fame. This is for the artists who think and feel, and try to understand what it is to create art.

I promise not to be a Nazi if you guys promise to just try to be considerate. Don't post your 200 dpi 800x800 pixel piece because that will obviously be inconvient for somoene with a slower modem. Anything is welcome; photography, drawings, poetry, writing, paintings, digital, links to music, sharing other's art (it doens't have to be your own but PLEASE give credit where it's deserved)... you can even make posts that doens't have art, if you want to announce an art show is in town, ask a question, get advice, vent frustration (though try to keep it respectable)... ALL I ASK is that when you post your art, write about why you are posting it, your thought process, philosophy, goal, learning experience, etc.