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Symbolism, Need Help Please

I was wondering if you could take a look at it and tell me your thoughts as far as what you think it represents, what is going on in the photo, what you think it is trying to communicate... that sort of thing. There are no wrong answers, I really just want to hear everyone's answers even if it's already been said by three other people. I wanted it to be vague on purpose, so that there would be many different possiblity for how it makes a person feel, what it reminds them of, what they read into it, etc. I wanted to see if it's doing its job or if there are some "obvious" things about it that many people see. Trying to figure out a direction to go. Thanks so much!

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I asked this question in a few other communities. I really loved all the answers people came up with and it made me really happy that people were able to see so many different things in this one picture. The person that was pretty much dead on with my interpretation (and again that doesn't mean this person is right, every answer was just as right, it's just that we had similar stories) was hedgegoth, who said:

the part that makes the biggest impression to me is that we only see one person, but we see the shadows of two - indicating that even if it appears that the person is alone, they have someone beside them always.

Exactly what I was thinking! That even when we are apart, the mere thought of a the other brings that person, in some ways, back to us. No matter what happens, if things get bad or if good things happen, we always have the support of the other person to carry with us.

Thank you everyone for your excellent feedback! It meant a lot to me :).
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It makes me feel lost and broken, yet at peace somehow. I guess cause there will always be someone looking too.
Thanks for the feedback! If you would like to read an update, I included one in the original post. :)
but ofcourse...its actually obvious now that i read it..heh...I noticed the 2 shadows..but i just thought oh...that's the person taking the picture lol..

I like the meaning of it though..
This is a graveyard of concrete. There are many factors here, but the one that I will point at is the one that interests me the most... A new beginning. With every mass destruction, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional, there is always a new beginning. A new way to identify what existed at some point. The serenity of chaos then has a clean slate, a second chance-- so that no matter what happens, life continues. Sometimes the possibilities of the new beginning are more amazing than what actually existed there in the first place. I did notice the shadow and I thought it was great. The shadow serves as an anonymous representation of everyone that exists. Anyone can place themselves in the position of the shadow and imagine what their new beginning will be. Infinite possibilities... that is life!
Thanks for your input! That was great :).
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