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Remix Contest 
02:56am 07/04/2010
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Your chance to have YOUR MUSIC HEARD BY MILLIONS of people around the world, and gain international recognition as a leading remix artist!


Lena Katina, the star of the Russian pop sensation, t.A.T.u, launched a remix contest on Kroogi.com. You can put your spin on several t.A.T.u. songs. The winning tracks will be featured on the group’s upcoming remix compilation release.


Track stems are available here: http://tatu.kroogi.com/content/show/653951


The deadline for the remix submissions is May 1, 2010. Hurry! ;)


Good Luck!

06:44am 14/08/2006
  "Boys' Life" (named after the popular Boys Scout magazine) was a project to capture the secret lives of boys and men, when they're together. Growing up, there weren't many girls in my neighborhood, so I ended up playing with my older brother and his friends. There's a lot about male society I really like and not enough photographs out there dedicated to them. My husband has a degree in film, and he helped me out a lot with this project, not just in modeling, but in the pre production stages of writing brief outlines of stories. This series works as a narrative, which I decided to break down into chapters.


Chapter 09
Chapter 09

Click for bigger

Here's a few of my favorites from the shoot:Collapse )

See the chapters.

Credits & Information:
  • Models: Parke Cooper, Tyson Kuch, Andrew McNeil, & Jared Silvia
  • Location: Rollins College, Winter Park, FL (Tyson and my Alma Mater)
  • Date shot: Saturday, 08.12.06, 9am- noonish
  • Date Edited: )8.12.06, 08.13.06
  • Cameras Used: Nikon D70 (digital) , Lubitel 2 (medium format)
  • Number of shots taken: 360 digital, 15 medium format
  • Number of shots kept: 352 (19.99 GB as final .psd's)
  • Final number of droplets used: 16
  • Total Hours in Photoshop: 9

    I don't have the medium format stuff back yet, but I will post them as soon as they come.
    04:31pm 24/02/2006
      hello :)

    I have two short animated flash films available to watch on line, listed under 'Richard Beeminster - Flash MX'


    It's a very surreal and humorous detective series. Basically these were made during the darkest time of my life and the resulting humour and lightness highlights my sense of humour. No one seems to understand them or connect with what they're about but I can't change them. They just sort of worked themselves out the way they are. Also I think there's too much emphasis on making everything either simple as all hell or shock-tactic-gory.

    Anyway, I would love to know what people here think, and if anyone can understand them!



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    06:05pm 22/08/2005
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    Hi everyone... I just joined this community and I thought I'd introduce myself:)
    My name's Stevie (as in Nicks) Larenne (as in Ralph), I'm 15 years old and I've been writing poetry for forever. This is the first poem I'm posting so please be gentle:)

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    01:04am 26/07/2005
    mood: Interested

    Here I am

    Saying hello to this community

    check me out, if you like... read more.

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    01:27am 21/01/2005
    mood: satisfied
    I felt inspired so i wrote a poem:

    Live again
    To The One who gives me life
    I was waiting for life to begin
    I waited until I died within

    I wanted to find light and life in you
    these demons at last subdue

    How could you conquer the enemy inside?
    you robbed me cheated and lied.

    It is impossible for you be my source
    you trampled me without remorse

    Can a broken heart find reason?
    It was pain that gave me something to believe in.

    When you deserted me decided not to help me fight,
    I looked to God above to give me the light.

    It's amazing the wounds faith can mend
    I did die for you but by God I live again

    brand new 
    08:35am 18/01/2005
    mood: excited
    hi i just joined this community so i am not sure how this goes but i'lll browse more until i get the hang of it
    Free Prints! 
    06:13pm 10/12/2004
      In trying to get my name as a photographer out there, I wanted to send anyone that wants one a free print. Most of these are test prints or B prints, but a lot of it is pretty experimental stuff and the "problems" with the prints won't be obvious. Anyway, if you'd like one, please email girlaobscura@gmail.com with your address and tell me whether you'd prefer one 8x 10 black & white print that I printed by hand in my darkroom or a couple smaller (mosty 4x6) color prints done by one of the local labs. Thanks for your interest!  
    07:23pm 03/12/2004
      Behind My Back

    And to think,
    I wanted you to walk with me,
    To stroll down that sandy beach,
    The waves sribbling with their flat tongues
    The songs of the mermaids,
    Of the disillusioned minds,
    Hands on their hairs,
    Hands dragging,
    Screaming their hate into the sea.

    It's sad to think,
    That as I now scribble my own song,
    My own composition,
    My thoughts on you,
    On hating you,
    On this piece of wasted tree
    We use to wipe off coffee spills,
    My pen dragging,
    I still like you.

    Because you liked me.

    But you've chosen your poison,
    And the knife's on my back now,
    The skin's open and bleeding,
    Inviting you to lick me dry of life,
    Of purpose,
    Of dignity.

    It proliferates the count of bruises,
    My love,
    And I scream, myself,
    Hands on the bed sheet,


    10:21pm 27/11/2004
    mood: accomplished

    Stupid Things

    You know those times/ when you write something/ and you feel like/ you just wrote something really good/ and you can't help but feel excited about it/ and you pick up your notebook and storm out/ searching for the nearest critique/ and your lover comes along/ in his figure of perfection/ and you think of shoving it under his face/ force it on him/ and you check your work again/ and you frown/

    Something's not right/ Everything's in circles/ And you know you can't fix the damage

    And you pull back your notebook/ and you shut it/ close/ oh, the stupid things you write, the stupid things in your head/ the stupid things you say/ keep it to your self/ become a hermit/ become stupid to just yourself

    Something's not right/ Everything's in circles/ And you know you can't fix the damage

    I wrote this song while waiting for my best friend.
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    01:40pm 28/08/2004


    Gie liggo isin, schnit gai eh goob -- ster itz en baum -- ig oolitz. Orig sleed its, orig offoh eagritz isin; gai itz en liggo enit, rigoot ibut.
    --Reverend F. Raymond Sickly
    i think... 
    08:07pm 15/04/2004
    mood: thoughtful
    i just decided to write what i think at the moment...
    i think that it's so WONDERFUL to be with someone who makes your dreams come true!
    11:09pm 19/03/2004
    mood: thoughtful
    One day I wrote it for a special man...Now everything is over, and I have only good memories of that wonderful time when I had the feelings that made me write this poem...

    For you...

    When I go sleeping in the night
    I think of you and you are in my mind
    I wanna see you in my dreams
    My eyes are full of tears...

    I don't know how to help you
    My love is all I have for you
    I wish do everything for you
    Because I love you...

    I'm now alone and you are too
    I want to be as strong as you
    I hope we'll be together soon
    I dont want ever our love to ruin...

    You are my love and my best friend
    You are my thoughts...I wanna spend
    The whole my life with you
    Because I love you...

    I wanna feel your breath inside
    I wanna hear your beating heart
    And see you happy and rejoice
    And feel your touch and hear your voice...

    I wish you don't have any grifs
    You are my love, my happiness
    And in my life I have the only dream
    To be together...you and me...
    11:47pm 14/01/2004
      i just stumbled on this community. i am an art therapy student, and i love expression. Whether it be musical, imagery, or written works, i have a passion for it.
    i am a poet, a collagist, a dancer, singer, songwriter, artist, and i try really hard on the acoustic guitar.

    Recent Art of mineCollapse )
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    Symbolism, Need Help Please 
    10:56am 08/01/2004
      I was wondering if you could take a look at it and tell me your thoughts as far as what you think it represents, what is going on in the photo, what you think it is trying to communicate... that sort of thing. There are no wrong answers, I really just want to hear everyone's answers even if it's already been said by three other people. I wanted it to be vague on purpose, so that there would be many different possiblity for how it makes a person feel, what it reminds them of, what they read into it, etc. I wanted to see if it's doing its job or if there are some "obvious" things about it that many people see. Trying to figure out a direction to go. Thanks so much!

    Click to make bigger

    UPDATE: Click here if you would like to hear my storyCollapse )
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    09:30pm 20/08/2003
      I am in need of a title for this poem. Also I think some of it needs work, but this is the rough draft anyhow.

             for M.V.

    She turned her back to the window. Chain smoking

    like an infidel at the gates, plunged into the black

    night---eleven stories down---the pack at her feet.

    Had been a lifelong acquaintance. Mother: my teacher.

    As third grader, rarely spoke, always held at distance.

    An osprey dove,

        Skimmed the bay’s dark surface,

    up victorious,

    clean, an alabaster fluke twitching in its bulging hook,

    its Pollock wingspan halving the sun. Another summer.

    I thought that to memorialize such a rain, to make poem

    the stale taste of bone, the latest improbable brush

    with mortality was far too cruel.  A blatant, quiet act

    of cowardice.  I sketched an open apology onto soft

    white sheets, read them back, set them ablaze into

    the dark night.

             for K.D.

    Too much of these arrivals and quick departures.

    Too many muggy nights. Under sheets you said:

    “A Jesus-fish won’t save you from a car crash”

    nor the standard slip and tuck and flip as the crash

    cymbals and snare smashed through windshield glass.

    Another kid another

    summer skin graft, I hoped

    would be the last.

    Don’t ask too many questions

    the anchors are already cast,

    they’ve already snagged

    the too-solid ground.

    My back to the alabaster evening, mouth agape

    and two more stones set in the ground. Night.

    Dark. All double-paradiddles and furious clangor.

    Dusty hands. Mine. My own grey unsaved hands.

    An ode to my mother 
    05:39am 09/08/2003
      Another sleepless night
    Your talk of innocence is lost on me
    Words to ashes
    And dust to dust
    In time for another sleepless night
    03:46pm 20/07/2003
      This is a new unrevised poem. Any suggestions or responses would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Poem from Painting 
    11:36am 18/07/2003
    mood: apathetic
    "Breach in the Dike" -- Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

    Faceless, nameless, we enter
    where the dike has broken.
    We walk across the fallen
    rocks, the crumbled bricks.
    Wind rips splinters
    from the wooden bridge.

    Forever without a word
    from him. The river
    whispers. Soon. Soon.
    We are always hungry.
    The deeply religious say
    the day is near. But I

    grow faithless. There is nothing
    to find. We walk in circles
    as the old fade into the landscape.
    Blood permeates the sky.

    --Chanel Clarke
    09:03pm 10/06/2003
      Night & a butter yellow/ bug light/ crouching
    under /Cassiopeia, sideways / the wheat stalk & /
    mirror barely visible / about their rotation /
    of the pole star.

    The /verses wrote themselves /in smoke & fire/
    burns down the house, /again/ a return to light, /
    & night/ in summer always means / fireflies.